Year 9 Camp

This year we wanted to revitalize our Year 9 camp and so we went to sunny Kopua Holiday Park in Raglan. This was a beautiful spot that served us well, giving the students the opportunity to gain understanding of the local area and makes links back to our own community and curriculum in school.

We were lucky to have the support of the Peer Mentors and GDF leader, Maine Nooroa who were amazing at creating a whānau atmosphere with our group.  They were tasked with team building and developing positive relationships with one another and this was very evident by the end of camp that the Year 9s had gelled well.

The students learnt a lot about resources and sustainability while in Raglan.  This was valuable learning that was then transferred to subjects in school.  They visited the local vege garden and sustainability centre to see what the town had been working so hard to achieve.  It was fabulous to see the students passionate about caring for our environment.

Other activities that they were involved included water safety, Bridal Veil Fall walk, beach ecology, marae visit and talk, star navigation and so much more.

Year 9 camp was a great experience and I would like to thank all the teachers, parents and outside agencies who worked tirelessly to provide a rich and engaging experience for our young people.

Miss Toy

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