Year 13 Camp Video

The Year 13 camp is an important event on our school calendar and is the time where the Deans prepare our students for their final year at High School. The focus of the camp is Citizenship, what it looks like and how the students can be positive citizens within our school, at home and in our wider community. It is easy to make connections to the environment in Mangakino and give the students a sense of belonging. It is always such a magical experience staying at Pouakani Marae, there is a sense of calm and focus that is evident from all that stay.

The students worked closely with their Lake Dean to set goals, discuss future pathways and what was needed to gain entry requirements into their chosen fields.  An important part of our discussions is to talk about the support networks that our students have, who they can ask for help and who will support them in their journey in all aspects of life.  This is always valuable to show the students that they have people who are willing to help them be successful.

The physical challenges were a great way for the students to work together participating in team building, problem solving, and supporting each other.  We really utilize the beautiful lake this year which was a highlight with our students.  Thank you to POET who provide equipment and expertise on our journey.

A huge thank you to the Deans who work tirelessly for our students to make sure that they are able to be successful in their last year.  It has been a pleasure watching our students grow into mature, tenacious and committed young people ready to tackle the next chapters of their journey.

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