Misato Kita

What an adventure we had!!!!  This year we travelled to Japan with 17 students who were ready to embark on an adventure that would see them quickly thrown out of their comfort zones.  The students were hosted out for the first week to amazing Japanese families who embraced them like their own children.  Our students really embraced the Japanese culture and were able to experience all aspects of what Japan had to offer.  The school life at Misato Kita High School was very different from our own schooling and this was very evident, but we were so proud of the way that our students took on the challenge and embraced all opportunities presented to them.

Misato Kita Japanese Cultural Exchange

 We took part in traditional Japanese activities while at school such as calligraphy, pottery, and traditional tea ceremonies, we experienced Japanese pop culture music and festival performances.  Being at school was a highlight for all involved.  It gave our students time to think about how lucky we are to have the freedom we do, but also to question things such as kindness and care for each other and how our society could learn so much from the day to day interactions of the Japanese.  They are truly a beautiful nation who work together for the greater good of their people.

We travelled through Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo which gave a taste of what their country had to offer.  We tried unique food which was challenging for some of us but we were willing to make the most of our experiences.  The Japanese language and culture was very much a part of us while we travelled.  The humbled experiences of shrine and temple visits, the bamboo forest and monkey park, riding bikes through Kyoto and experiencing the beauty of the country were just a few of our highlights.

There was a calm in the plane as we left Japan knowing that we had just had an experience so rich that we would never forget our time in such a diverse country.  It is truly an experience that has shaped many of our students and will be one that they remember for years to come.  The connections and friendships that we have forged over the years are special ones, we are now family.

I would like to thank the parents for trusting us with your children on this big adventure.  To the student’s thank you for being an awesome bunch to care for, thank you for the laughs, the adventures and the life time memories made.  To Mr Nair, thank you for your guidance and expertise on this trip.

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